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• 11/5/2017

Advantages of EA Players?

What's the advantage to EA players? Is it just aura? If so that's fine, but if they get a gameplay advantage i'll probs be a bit salty i wasn't at early access lol
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• 11/5/2017
short answer: no stat advantages
longish answer: all EA players have knowledge of what exactly to do, likewise new players do not have knowledge of what is yet to come.
• 11/5/2017
Thanks for the reply, just wondering because for some reasons some o' my friends who were at EA got like 2 of the same drop when they killed a mob? idk if that's a glitch but just wondering.
• 11/7/2017
pure luck
• 11/12/2017
mhm your welcome @Jellehfied
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