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• 7/23/2017


(I just wanna warn you. If you don't believe me then oh well.)
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• 12/24/2017
Well, we all get scammed sometimes.
• 3/3/2018
I was trying to trade for Paladin armor with a random player, and they did some trade glitch or something and stole 25,000 frickin' vels from me.
• 3/11/2018
I was trading my music aura for 120k vel with Siilkz, and he scammed me by giving me 12k vel and running off ;-;
• 4/23/2018
• 8/15/2018
xXlnwkimlozaXx this guy scammed my 870K vel T^T
• 9/21/2018
Guys if anyone knows how to get a person on the scammer list as I have a scammer recorded on roblox video recorder
• 10/6/2018

Don't trust someone named redheadedmonster, I was trading max chaos for max oblivion and he said "press accept quickly i'm about to lose connection" and I was being cautious and when I pressed accept trade and it said confirm trade he removed the max oblivion. I called him out for it calling him a scammer and he left.

• 10/23/2018

I'd like to report iBlingX for scamming me Max Durendal. He constantly keep changing the payment value and said "just accept". Our deal was 20 mil but then he cahnged to 2 mil. I knew in my mind I saw 20 mil because the value is really identical and the fact that the text was small. I just pressed accept. He also tried to post 0 vels or 1 vels. Can any people who know the devs or even devs help me? I just want my Durendal and his 2 mil back to him.... I don't have a shot of it because it was in F6 Helmfirth and a lot of players are trading and talking

• 11/2/2018

Stay safe online guys, everyone is trying to scam these days!

• 1/2/2019

"Name Scammer"

"Roblox = Kasualty"

"Scammer My Requiem For 18M"

▒►Earlier he gave me 180 million, but I accepted him replacing it with 18 million◄▒

I have Proof Photo

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